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Do you know that you can hire reliable and professional mold testing near you? As a top-rated business serving in Southeast Florida and its surroundings, Kendall Carpet Cleaning has the right tools and skills to test for mold in your home or office. We understand that mold can grow anywhere, and that is why property owners should reach out for our expert mold testing service whenever there are signs of mold like foul smell and allergy flare-ups.

How Does Our Team Test for Mold in Kendall, FL?

Mold tests are essential to confirm the presence of mold in your space so you can seek out the best ways to get rid of it. When you learn how mold is tested, you have an idea of what to expect during mold testing service, as well as the expected cost of mold testing.

Here's what our inspectors will do!

Step 1. Mold Sample Collection

Our first step is collecting mold from air and surface. There are several ways of doing this. Based on the situation and the sample required, our choice of mold collection approach will vary. Here's how we do it with professional equipment.

  • Use of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Pumps and Cassettes:

    We will install the gadgets in your building to check for pollutants. Our inspectors know the right place and the right way to install the IAQ pumps for maximum sample collection.

  • Use of a Spore Trap:

    A reliable black mold testing service will need to prioritize the mold spore trap collection method. We do this by passing a known air volume over a sticky surface. With this method, the mold spores get trapped making it easy to sample.

  • Bulk Mold Sampling:

    Our professionals can also correct bulk surface samples for home and office mold testing. We will remove pieces we suspect to have mold for comprehensive analysis and testing.

  • Use of Mold Tapes:

    The tape needs to be correctly installed to offer accurate tape sampling results. We use the tape to collect possible mold samples in the infested area for easy determination of mold species and extent.

  • Call Now To Schedule! 305-677-9183
    Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!
    Call Now To Schedule! 305-677-9183
    Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

    Step 2. Lab Testing

    Property owners have a right to send samples to independent labs for mold testing and quality assurance. We recommend lab testing when in doubt about mold presence, to fulfill housing requirements, or when confirming mold species and extent. All our samples are collected as per the recommended analytical methods to avoid contamination.

    Step 3. Mold Remediation Plan

    Once the lab runs the test and confirms mold presence and its type, it's time to solve the issues with the best mold remediation services. But first, we'll analyze the lab report and develop a custom mold remediation protocol. That makes it easy to suit your needs.

    Talk to Us for the Best Home and Office Mold Testing Services

    Mold spores are everywhere and grow quickly under the right conditions. If you suspect mold in your home or office, find a mold inspector right away. To improve response times for our customers, we are pleased to announce our partnership with o2 Mold Testing in Miami. They are highly qualified professionals who will provide excellent service to our customers.

    At UCM Carpet Cleaning of Kendall, our qualified mold specialists are ready to offer expert mold testing and inspection services in Kendall, FL. Call 305-677-9183 to get in touch with us today.


    FAQS about Mold Testing

    Is Professional Mold Testing Necessary?

    Yes. Professional home and office mold testing is necessary for the occupant's health and the building's structural integrity. Thanks to our trained and experienced inspectors, you will feel confident that the results are accurate.

    What are the Reasons for Getting Mold Testing Service?

    • You live in a humid area.
    • Your room ventilation is poor.
    • You have suffered a flood recently.
    • You are facing water leaks.

    Do We Check Property For Black Mold?

    Yes. You can depend on us for black mold testing near me services. Black mold poses severe health risks if left unchecked. We have specialized tools to check for the presence of black mold.

    When is Mold Inspection Required?

    • You can see or smell mold.
    • You start experiencing poor health or bad symptoms.
    • You suspect you have mold, but it's hard to confirm.

    How Do Our Techs Check for Mold Behind Walls?

    UCM Carpet Cleaning of Kendall have tools for each task. For instance, we have the borescope, infrared, and moisture meters that help us determine mold presence behind the walls.

    What Mold Services Do We Offer Besides Mold Testing?

    • Visual mold inspection: We will visually check for mold throughout your building and the surrounding areas.
    • Mold removal: We are equipped with the right equipment and right strategies for mold removal and remediation services, be sure of quality work.
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    Extra Services
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