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Professional Mold Remediation in Kendall, FL

Wherever there's water and oxygen, mold is soon to follow. This four-letter word can be the bane of homeowners, businesses, and public property alike.

There aren't many comparable indoor threats like this pesky little fungus. If it's not treated properly, mold can pose some serious health risks for you and those around you. Certain kinds of mold like black mold can cause headaches, shortness of breath, muscle pain, or even depression.

How to Get Mold Treatment

So, how do we keep our homes safe and our families healthy? The only options are to get rid of mold through the process of mold removal and mold remediation. A licensed company should be able to do this by adhering to strict mold remediation protocol.

What is Mold Remediation?

Simply put, it's the process of getting to the heart of mold & mildew and making the environment unsuitable for its growth. After that, cleaning and reconstruction may take place depending on the situation.

Signs of Mold in Your House

It can be frightening to know you have mold in your home, but it's often best to find out before it's too late. How do you know you have mold lurking in your home?
Well, you'll find these signs:

  • You can see dark spots near sources of water or leakage
  • The smell of rust or rain
  • The spot keeps growing even when left alone
  • Your walls have cracks and warping in the paint where the spot is

Aside from these signs, it is best to have a mold inspection done by a mold remediation company.

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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Our Mold Services

At UCM Carpet Cleaning of Kendall, we understand the frustration you face with mold. That's why we have exemplary mold remediation services in Kendall, FL and its neighborhoods.

We provide the following services to our customers:

  • Mold Assessment
  • Mold Testing
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Remediation
  • Mold Restoration
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Once you try our high quality service, you'll see the difference yourself!

Why Do I Need a Professional?

Taking care of mold can be a tricky business. Attempting to take care of it on your own is never a wise choice. Most DIY solutions never provide effective results and can even make the problem much worse. By enlisting the services of a professional, you can ensure that you get the right results in a safe, planned, and well-executed procedure.

Who Can Get Mold Remediation?

  • Homeowners
  • People living in apartments
  • Businesses
  • Public facilities
  • Municipal parks and recreational centers

Our Mold Remediation Services in Kendall, FL

Mold remediation is a big part of what we do here at UCM Carpet Cleaning of Kendall. We enlist only the most skilled professional with years of experience under their belt. This is what has given us our track record of accomplishment.

To provide the best services possible, we have also expanded our availability through partnership with the local experts at FDP Mold Remediation. They excel in large or complex jobs, and make sure that all our customers are dealt with promptly.

UCM Carpet Cleaning of Kendall is proudly licensed, certified, and insured. You won't have to go around looking for "mold remediation near me" again, not while you have Kendall's.

What's more, we won't keep you guessing with any mold remediation costs. We offer on-site consultation with price estimates. No more having to worry about getting properly certified mold remediation again. Not when it's this easy!

We are Your Local Mold Removal and Remediation Company

Rest assured, no matter what your needs, we're here to deliver. We are more than happy to help with any mold problems. Whether you need an inspection for hard-to-spot mold or just need it gone, we'll help you get there.

Give us a call today at 305-677-9183 to get that mold out of sight, out of mind, and out of your life!

Extra Services
Extra Services
Special attention to heavy traffic areas spots, stain & gritty dry soil.
Stain-Resistant Protective Coating from stains, spills, spots, dirt & more.
Highly effective, environmentally friendly cleaning products.
Mattress deep cleaning with allergy relief treatment.
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Finest quality with competitive prices!